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Five Writing Tips for Excellent Exam Stories

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Worried about your narrative writing exam? Well at Pre Uni College we are always striving towards unlocking each child’s full potential in regard to creative writing. To do just this the narrative writing tips below are designed to polish each child’s skills and strengthen their confidence and impact as a writer. The tips will guide them on how to get creative and engage their readers in the best way possible. Ultimately these tips will help students to excel in the Narrative writing component of the Selective Entrance Test and other standardised tests such as NAPLAN and Opportunity Class test. Every…

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Private School Interview Tips

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Trying to impress the admissions staff at a private school interview? Well at Pre Uni College we are aware that private school interviews can be competitive and a daunting experience. Succeeding in the interview is important so children can gain entry to their first-choice school.  With these following tips your children will surely create a favorable impression with the admissions staff.  It will definitely help your children to put their best foot forward! How to succeed in a private school interview Passing the private school interview isn’t as easy as it may seem. Private schools routinely interview children after entrance…

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selective entry learning program

SEAL – Everything You Need To Know

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Research has shown us that gifted and talented students need to be supported differently. Highly intelligent and academically ahead of the majority of their peers, gifted students can often get lost in mixed-ability classrooms. They’re less likely to feel challenged, which may result in the inability to achieve their full potential. The Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) program, offered in SEAL accredited Victorian schools, provides gifted students the chance to accelerate their studies. Students have the option to complete high school in five years, instead of six, and study extra subjects, including a University Enhancement subject, as part of their…

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NAPLAN Preparation

NAPLAN Preparation Guide

By Naplan
Parents and students alike are very much invested in NAPLAN. Most parents take their children’s NAPLAN test preparation quite seriously by helping them with their lessons and assignments themselves or...
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