School Readiness

Our School Readiness is designed to effectively prepare children to enter Kindergarten with confidence. Positive attitudes towards learning about language ensure that students are more likely to experience success in school and community settings

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Enter School with confidence!

At Pre Uni College, we believe preparation is key! That’s why our fun and interactive school readiness programs are perfect for your developing child. The school readiness program promotes an enjoyable approach to learning and integrating classroom practices preparing your child for the real school environment.

Our aim is to provide your child with the building blocks for a successful transition into schooling through confidence building and fun learning activities which gets them ahead right from the start!

The program also teaches students how to interact with others and appropriate classroom etiquette.

Unlike day-care and other childminding solutions, Pre Uni College provides children with valuable and age-appropriate learning ensuring the best start for academic success. Learn more about our school readiness program here.

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