OC Trial Test Preparation

At Pre Uni College, our college prep experts will work with your child to build the skills, habits and attitudes your child needs to score higher on test day and attempt the test with confidence.

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Build Your Child’s Confidence to Score Higher on Test Day

With more than ten thousands students taking the OC TEST  each year for a place at one of the 76 public schools with opportunity classes (OC) for the state’s brightest year 5 and 6 students, competition to get into the best classes is on the rise.

High-performing children won’t always find the average curriculum challenging enough, making them feel unenthused and disengaged in school. Keep their love of learning alive by enrolling them in an Opportunity Class. At Pre Uni College, we can tailor preparation classes to give your child the best chance of getting into these enriching and rewarding programs.

About the OC Placement Test

Thousands of young Australians take the Opportunity Class trial test each year in hopes of being selected at one of 75 public schools in the country offering the most educational and academically stimulating programs for high-performing students in years 5 and 6. The OC placement test assesses your child’s potential to thrive in an enriching and intellectually stimulating educational setting.

An OC test isn’t an IQ exam. However, it is quite challenging, involving complex written problems aside from literacy and general aptitude tests.

At Pre Uni College, we always go the extra mile to help high-achieving students pass the OC placement test. Through our OC preparation, your child can learn how to overcome the uncertainties of such a high-level exam. Practicing with our OC trial tests can also help your child build the confidence to score higher on exam day.

Why Choose Pre Uni College?

  • Learn from experienced instructors
  • Practice with full-length OC trial tests
  • Build the confidence to score higher on the exam

Expert Instructors, Experienced in OC Placement Tests and OC test preparation

All our practice tests and study plans are prepared by professional instructors who have extensive experience with OC placement tests and Opportunity Class test preparation. We can conduct a FREE assessment to determine subject areas or topics that need special attention.

Tailored Small Group Tutoring

OC placement tests have become even more competitive in recent years. At Pre Uni College, we can delve deeper into your child’s test preparation as we offer full-length trial tests and highly personalized preparation courses to a small group of students.

Comprehensive Trial Tests that Deliver Results

Designed by expert instructors, our OC trial tests can help your child prepare for the real exam. We believe that familiarity with various types of questions and a lot of practice in answering questions under test conditions will help your child gain the knowledge and the confidence to perform better.

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