Our Method

Pre Uni College is for parents who are serious about their child’s academic performance. We have created the perfect environment for your child to thrive by speaking with hundreds of parents to find out what was holding their child back.

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Others supervise, we teach

Our teachers spend all their time teaching. They ensure children learn as much as possible during the class, and develop the skills to become lifelong learners.

And their learning happens here with our support, not at home where they have no professional help.

We even have an assistant who marks work so our teachers can dedicate their time fully to their class. This way they learn quickly and understand the lessons clearly.

Support for parents

We believe you play an important role in your child’s education. And we support you so you can support them.

We run regular workshops on the syllabus where we show you what we’re teaching, how we’re teaching it and how you can help at home. And we share the time management and exam skills we are teaching your child so you can support them better during homework.

You are also invited to come in during classes to watch. Some centres don’t like this, especially if they aren’t spending much time teaching or if they staff their classes with university students. However, we are proud of our teachers and class structures and love it when parents come in.

You also have access to the Parent Portal where your child’s results and reports are uploaded It also contains answers to the current week’s homework so you can support them, as well as writing samples and vocabulary tests.

We also communicate with parents regularly, with invitations to speak with teachers following your child’s regular assessment. And teachers are always available after classes for a chat, and we encourage parents to talk with their child’s teacher frequently.

Regular assessments

Given the time and money you are investing in your child’s future you deserve to know how they are progressing. For this reason, your child will sit an assessment every 5 weeks. This tracks their progress and identifies new opportunities for improvement.

These assessments have been carefully developed to give everyone a deeper insight into their progress.

And the report we send you is almost certainly the most thorough of it’s kind in Australia. We invest heavily in our reporting system to give you incredible clarity on their progress, their strengths and where they can improve. We also suggest new learning goals for your child.

After their report is delivered we invite you in for a parent-teacher discussion to go through their results. We show you where the mistakes occurred, if they were silly mistakes and whether your child is applying themselves. This way you have a fresh understanding of your child’s academic progress and how they can continue to move forward faster and more confidently.

Extra support for your child if they need it

Our goal is to make sure your child’s academic performance improves. If your child needs more support, we run free homework classes where they can get more help and practice.

And should your child need even more support to achieve their goals, we can arrange one on one tutoring to help them in specific areas.

Our teachers are also available after classes to discuss ways your child can continue to improve. And to answer any questions you have.

Ability-based learning

Your child will not be put into standard year levels. They will be in a class with other children of their ability.

This way the whole class is at the same leve, and everything is relevant to them. They will not fall behind by being in a class with more advanced children. And they won’t waste time or become bored in a class with children who are behind them.

We also have an opportunity class for grade 5 and 6 students who are high achievers. These are perfect for children targeting selective school entrance exams or scholarships. And your child will be pushed to an even higher level in this class.

Experienced, qualified, caring teachers

All our classes are led by qualified and experienced teachers. They all have at least 4 years classroom experience, and some have over 30 years behind them.

There are no university students or graduates teaching our classes. Every teacher who applies for a role with Pre Uni College is assessed very carefully.

This way we make sure they can help your child effectively, and they are the type of person who will spend time with you answering your questions. And of course they are trained rigorously in our processes and systems before they start.

If they are not interested in spending time with you, they will not be employed at Pre Uni College.

They are also superb at helping children whose first language isn’t English, so no matter your background your child will up to speed quickly.

Process-driven so your child achieves their best

Nothing happens by chance. It’s the same with your child’s performance.

A haphazard approach to their education is dangerous, and is letting them down.

This is why everything we do is process driven. We know exactly what your child needs to perform at their peak.

And one of the biggest reasons for our superb results is our systemised approach.

All our teachers, students and parents are supported by incredibly strong and robust systems.

Our parent portal gives you up to date reports, results, answers to homework and vocabulary tests.

Our regular assessments and reports give you incredible insights into your child’s progress, thanks to the most advanced reporting system we have developed.

And our teachers are supported with excellent teaching materials to make sure your child progresses quickly.

At Pre Uni College, your child is in an environment for peak performance, and is certain to thrive.