Selective School Test Preparation

Our trial tests help to identify any problem area, allowing enough time afterwards to rectify them before the big day.

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Why choose Pre Uni College’s Selective School Trial Test Course?

Pre Uni College is highly experienced in delivering tests in the real format. We are committed to giving your child the right support at the right time. We have a programme of mock examinations each year in English, Writing, Maths and General Ability.

You will receive a detailed report on each examination. This will identify if and where your child needs strength. Our aim is to make the trial tests as close to the real selective school test as possible so that your child is well prepared. Our trial tests help to identify any problem area, allowing enough time afterwards to rectify them before the big day. The more trial tests children sit can only increase their chance of success in the actual Selective High School Entrance Test.

Selective School Trial Test Course is a fantastic way to prepare your child for the real Selective Hign School Entrance Test.

Here are a few reasons why :

  • Based on the current format – We undertake extensive research to ensure that our Selective school trial test reflects the style of questions, format & process carried out in the real Selective High School Entrance Test.
  • Prepares your child for the real exam – The Trial Tests helps to alleviate any nerves and fears early on, helping children to be calm and composed.
  • Every exam is different and increases in difficulty – This happens gradually over the months leading up to the real Selective High school Entrance Test, ensuring the highest level of preparation.
  • Expert qualified Teachers – Our expert instructors know the test and understand the challenges of preparing for the Selective High School Entrance Test.

Our selective test prep can reduce your stress and increase your score! So, don’t wait because our courses fill up quickly.

We can unlock the potential in your child

We put our students at the heart of everything we do. As the children see their scores improve after each practice session, they will gradually build their confidence. By the end of the preparation course, your child will have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to achieve the score they are after.

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What Is a Selective School Test?

Selective school tests are used to determine if an applicant has the knowledge and skills to attend a selective school. Four components are assessed in a Selective School test: reading, writing, mathematics, and general aptitude.

High-achieving students who pass the test are grouped together in a selective school. They receive specialized teaching and resources that match and stimulate their intellectual capacity.

Academically advanced students who are stuck in average learning environments won’t flourish. Over time, they will feel underwhelmed, unimpressed, and unmotivated to continue learning.

By enrolling your child in a selective school test preparation course, you’re challenging their mental faculties and reigniting their love of learning. That’s only the start. Effective preparation courses can help your child get into the academic programs that will maximize their growth and potential.