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If your child is about to take the NAPLAN test, our preparation course just may give them the edge they need.

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Give your child the best opportunity to ACE the NAPLAN Exam

Want to help your child pass the NAPLAN exam with flying colours? Choosing the right NAPLAN preparation course is crucial to their success. At Pre Uni College, we have trusted experts who can create tailored programs that can help your child succeed in school and in life.

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The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy refers to an annual national numeracy and literacy assessment of young Australians in years 3, 5, 7, and 9. Governments, education authorities, and schools can use the results to gauge students’ academic readiness for higher learning.

NAPLAN is unlike any other high-stakes test that children have to prepare for at the end of the term as it assesses the skills that are developed over time through the school curriculum, not just through the preparation of the exam.
Enrolling your child in a NAPLAN prep program can help them hone the skills that are assessed in the exam, the very skills that they need to go further in school and in life.

Why Choose Pre Uni College for NAPLAN preparation?

  • Learn from an expert team of instructors
  • Get personalized teaching in a small group setting
  • Be empowered to achieve the desired results

An Expert Team of Instructors

At Pre Uni College, we have a team of trusted instructors who know the NAPLAN test very well and understand the challenges of naplan test preparation. Our courses fit every student at any level. We offer online practice tests, multiple-choice strategies, and many other coaching tools that can support your child’s needs as they prepare for the NAPLAN exam.

Personalized, High-Quality Teaching Designed for Your Child’s Needs

Excessive review of previous exams is neither necessary nor useful. We can conduct a FREE assessment to identify your child’s strengths and the skills that he or she needs the most help with. To achieve the results you desire, we can tailor an ideal practice plan for your child based on our assessment of their academic readiness and learning needs.

Build their Confidence and Raise their Scores

Your child is in good hands. Our expert instructors know the NAPLAN exam—and we make sure to impart our knowledge through high-quality preparation courses that fit their learning style and their needs.

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