Intensive Selective School Test Preparation, Summer 2024

Is your child sitting the Selective School test May next year?

The course will benefit all students, whether they are only now beginning their preparations or have been preparing for the exams all year.

The test is highly competitive and, at this stage, students need to be achieving scores of 80% or more to have a realistic chance of success.

The course will run for four and a half hours each day over a two week period (10 days: Mon- Fri) with intensive tuition in the techniques and strategies needed to answer Verbal and Non-Verbal questions successfully.

These will be completed under exam conditions (timed) with a short break between the two papers, replicating the Selective School Test. The papers are then marked and discussed with the students on the same day.

It is important that the children have the chance to see where they went wrong and learn from the experience. Each concept is taught, explained and even demonstrated.

Although open to all, it would be helpful if students who are just starting their preparations could be given some practice and guidance at home. Places are limited so reserve your place NOW!

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Dates: 6th January until 17th January
Time: 9.00am to 1.30pm
Fees: $65/day

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