Selective School Placement Test Changes Coming in 2020

By ,May 23, 2019
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If your child is going to be sitting the Selective School Placement test in 2020, then this is going to be the most important e-mail you every read…

So pay very close attention…

Recently, the Department of Education assessed the Selective School entry process…

And what they concluded was this:

“The selection system needs more modernisation if it is to be fit for purpose in the coming decades.”

Which is not surprising considering the current entry process was designed all the way back IN 1991!!!

They stated that the system must ensure that entry to selective schools is based on ABILITY, not background.

That the system be “fairer” for everyone…

And most importantly, that there be a better BALANCE of exam questions across subjects…

Subtle changes have already been surfacing…

If you look at the recent pattern in average marks for English and Maths…

It’s clear that English has been progressively getting HARDER, while Maths is becoming EASIER.

So, what does this mean for you?

Your child has to be more well-rounded than ever in order to ACE the entry exam!

This is precisely why we created our Selective School Trial Test Preparation Course.

To help identify your child’s academic weaknesses, and turn them into strengths – so that they have the tools they need to ACE the exam.

At Pre Uni College, we’re highly experienced in adapting to changes in competitive tests and delivering them in the new format.

Our Selective School Preparation programme consists of mock examinations across in English, Writing, Maths AND General Ability.

Becoming academically stronger across all these subjects will help relieve any nerves and fears early on, helping your child to be calm and compose when they approach the exam next year.

Want us to make sure your child gets admitted into a Selective School?

If you want to ENSURE that your child gets admitted to a Selective High School, we’d love to answer any questions you may have about the course.

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