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Your free assessment will reveal exactly what your child’s numeracy and literacy levels are based on the new Australia-wide curriculum and which areas of Maths and English they need to improve on in order to succeed.

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What we offer

We analyse the structure and formats of various exams in order to best support your child in their academic journey. Through varied testing and tailored classroom content, your child is able to learn and prepare for the challenges of non-standardised exams giving them the best chance of gaining entry into their dream schools.

Our team of high achieving educators are among Melbourne’s finest and undergo rigorous training before they are accepted to teach. With over twelve years experience, it is our knowledge and dedication to your child’s success that makes us different from the rest.

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  • Exceptional tuition programs aimed at enhancing your child’s success
  • General tuition in Literacy, Numeracy and various other areas
  • Exam preparation for SEAL, Scholarship and Selective testing
  • Constant academic results tracking
  • Only the best educators from the highest achieving backgrounds

Experienced Teachers

Not university students or graduates. The absolute BEST taking each and every class so that your child can get ahead.

Regular Assessments

Your child will be assessed every 5 weeks using the most advanced assessment tool in the country, and a detailed report is sent to you after every assessment.

Parent Portal

Your portal keeps you up to date with your child’s progress and gives you the support you need to help your child thrive.

What is SEAL?

Various schools offer accelerated learning programs for gifted and able students in order to accelerate them through high school and reduce schooling from six years to five. These are known as SEAL (Select Entry Accelerated Learning) programmes which ensure that opportunities for academic excellence are provided for gifted and talented students from years 7-10.

It is important to note that preparation for such exams MUST begin in the early stages of year 5-6 in order to build a strong portfolio of academic achievement and prepare students for the competitive exam structure and interview process.

Such testing is highly competitive and only offered in some schools and to the highest achievers despite the large volume of applicants.

Although it is not possible for all students to be accepted into the SEAL program, some schools also offer a High Achiever Program for a select few students allowing extended learning within the classroom without acceleration. This can be highly beneficial for students wishing to re-take the SEAL examination in later years and work at a higher achieving level than their peers. Entry into these programs can give a family outside the school zone an opportunity to enter the school also.

Depending on the school your child attends, each exam format will vary mainly contingent on the company employed by that school to write the exam paper. The main companies are ACER and Edutest. It is crucial to know which company your school has commissioned in order to best prepare your child for that particular format. Most schools will generally have this information on their website and the main differences are outlined in the table below.

ACER (HAST) Edutest
  • Creative Writing or Opinion Writing
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Mathematics
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Creative Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Verbal Reasoning

What is Scholarship Testing?

Scholarship examinations are unlike most standardised testing in that their purpose is not to measure what has already been taught in the mainstream classroom, but to identify and predict future learning achievements and capabilities of the child.

The four main providers of these exams are listed in the table below with an outline of their tested areas. A link is also provided for specific exam dates and schools via the Edutest Website:

ACER Academic Assessment Services (AAS)
  • Creative Writing
  • Opinion Writing
  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Mathematics
  • Creative Writing or Opinion Writing
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Mathematics

Selective School Entry Testing

There are four selective entry high schools across Melbourne for students in Years 9-12 with  highly competitive examinations.

The top 5% of each school is only admitted into these schools and cater for high achievers and academically gifted students.

The schools are:

  • Mac Robertson Girls’ High
  • Melbourne High
  • Nossal High School
  • Suzanne Cory High School.

Entrance into these schools is only considered under the following eligibility criteria:

  • Students must be in their second year of secondary school
  • Must be and Australian Citizen or have permanent residency or appropriate visa status.
  • All choices must be indicated in order of preference.
  • Copies of the most recent TWO school reports
  • A written application including evidence of achievement according to the selection criteria
  • Single A4 page personal statement.

It is important to note that each school has its own selection criteria and exam based on the company they have employed to write the test.

Hear what parents of Point Cook & surrounds have to say

Christina F.

My child Alex has been attending at Pre Uni College, Bella Vista Centre since year 3. I’m highly impressed with the role Pre Uni College has played in helping Alex on his selective school test! He passed with 220 marks and made it to Penrith Selective High Scool. I am extremely pleased with the way the classes are conducted and that my son was very eager to attend the classes.

Anik T.

Thank you Pre Uni College, Bellavista Centre’s Teachers! My son passed the selective entry test. Any areas of weakness were quickly highlighted and strategies were formed to overcome them. Our son made it to Girraween High and achieved 235 marks on the selective entry test. He gained confidence and reached his potential through the program.

Ramesh G.

We were delighted with the Selective Test results for our daughter Karima who passed with flying colours. She made it into her dream school Baulkham hills high with 252 marks. We would like to thank Pre Uni College, Bellavista Centre’s Teachers for all the efforts they have put towards my daughter’s success. The tutor identified her weakest areas and really focused on improving these. The mock exams crucially boosted her exam speed. Lessons were well structured but also fun so she enjoyed the classes. The resources and word lists she was given were invaluable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Marisse l.

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all the teachers of pre uni college, westmead centre, for an amazing job you did on my child. The lessons are highly engaging and teachers are really positive and wonderfully inspiring. Denise passed the selective school entry exam with 208 marks! Thank you so much!

Marcus g.

Thank you very much pre uni college, westmead centre for your help and support with my child chloe. If anyone wants help with maths, don’t think twice, pre uni college makes it fun and easy to learn and has proven to be an invaluable tuition centre to allow my child to reach her full potential. I would highly recommend.

Karen yu

A huge thank you for all your help and support to chen over the past year; you’ve undoubtedly made the difference that has helped chen pass the selective school entry test with 210 marks and is accepted in parramatta high. His confidence grew and he believed in himself…And he did it!! Thanks to you all at pre uni college, westmead centre!

Linda t.

My daughter has benefitted from tuition in both English and Maths: her confidence has blossomed and she eagerly looks forward to her next session. We have seen improvements in her spelling and grammar and she was extremely happy when she moved up a reading level in english! Whilst she has only recently started her tuition in maths she is already happier in tackling mathematical problems, and strategies to aid her in remembering her timetables are helping. I recommend pre uni college, westmead centre to anyone who feels their child would benefit from some targeted help in these subjects.

Sandy t.

Aditya has been at pre uni college, westmead centre for just over a year. He just passed the selective school test with 209 marks and has been accepted in penrith high! This would not have been achievable without pre uni college. His confidence has improved in maths and most importantly, his ability. I have recommended pre uni college to many other people and will carry on recommending. Thank you so much!

Krishna s.

We have had two children at pre uni college preparing for the selective school entry test. They both did very well and we are very happy with their achievements. Thanks to pre uni college, westmead centre!

Sirimavo k.

Thank you to everyone at pre uni college, westmead centre for providing a great and effective learning experience for our son anton. He thoroughly enjoyed the lessons which have given him a confidence boost and enthusiasm for maths which he lacked previously. This has reflected positively in his performance at the selective school test and we are very pleased with his achievement as he passed the test with 210 marks and has been accepted in penrith high!

Sara h.

My daughter julia was below average in mathematics and consequently had little confidence in the subject. Since her tutoring at pre uni college, westmead centre, she has already gone up a level and is noticeably more confident. I would have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending pre uni college. Their friendliness, professionalism and results speak for themselves. An exceptional service.

John r.

My son william recently passed the selective entry test with flying colours! I would like to thank and congratulate pre uni college, westmead centre for helping my child achieve this. All the staff are very approachable and helpful and have been able to support william to progress.

Sathya h.

I can’t recommend pre uni college and their team of professional tutors highly enough. Not only has their hard work and dedication resulted in neelima’s excelling in maths, they’ve also succeeded in making her pass the selective entry test with 210 marks and has been accepted in parramatta high! Impressive! Thank you so much to the excellent team at pre uni college, westmead centre.


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